Should moles be removed ?

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Moles should be checked regularly to unveil any change in diameter, thickness, irregularity on the edges and color variations. This is important in deciding on whether to do a mole removal or keep waiting for its disappearance.

Experts say that benign moles are very common. A young adult has between 10 to 30 moles. Though rare, mole can transform into melanoma which is a scaring skin cancer. It’s wise to keep an eye and consult a dermatologist too ensure that your moles are healthy.

Should moles be removed?

Decision to remove a mole depends on its appearance, size and any visible changes on it. Basically, if a mole contains susceptible features that show malignant melanoma, it should be removed. The sample should be examined under a microscope.

When they start causing some nuisance, they should be removed. The removal should be done under anesthetic and hygienic condition. The removal normally takes a few minutes. Excision leaves a scar. Presence of malignant melanoma calls for a wider excision on the skin.

Decision of whether to remove a mole should be based on changes in diameter, shape and color so the mole. Development of sores, bleeding, redness and itchiness is also significant. Small moles are deemed to be less risky. These are moles with a diameter of 7mm. As such, size is very vital in deciding whether to removal a mole. Importantly, removal of moles from shoulders and chests have higher risk of formation of raised scars.

The three most common options for mole removal are shave excision, punch excision and surgical excision. Surgical option is applied to large moles or deeper moles that cannot be removed through the previous methods. However, the dermatologist of your doctor determines the most appropriate method for you.

If you decided to have mole removed , the treatment after removal is also important , here are the treatment tips after removal. 

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