How to remove a flat mole on face and body yourself at home that works

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Getting rid of a flat mole yourself at home ( that really works )  is possible. 

As soon as we are born, we start observing things. First we notice the people around us, then the surroundings, and finally our own appearance. Most of us put great emphasis on our physical features. Being the naïve human that we are, we always like to look our best, preening like a peacock. The smallest irregularities irk us.

Our appearance plays a key role in our lives, we are willing to go to any length, buy the most expensive items and even spend the last cent in our pocket just to prove our superiority to other mere mortals. We pay attention to details so much so that a single innocent mole on our hand can become a serious threat to our perceived beauty and we start considering available options to remove them.

However, before going to any such length it is essential that we understand moles because in some cases they might not be as innocent as they seem.

What is a flat mole?

Moles are basically dark spots on our skin that are caused when skin cells grow in groups rather than growing individually. In medical term, flat moles are known as melanocytes and causes skin pigmentation by producing melanin. They typically grow on skin with brown to semi-black color. They are usually small and completely harmless, however, sometimes they can lead to skin cancer.

People with fair skin have lower melanin levels than those with darker skin; hence they tend to have more moles as well.

People usually develop moles naturally during puberty, pregnancy and even due to sun exposure. An adult can have up to 40 moles on their skin. In most cases these moles are not harmful; however it is important to perform a physical check regularly.

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Is it possible to remove flat moles at home?

There are cultures around the world where moles are considered a sign of beauty, especially the ones that appear over the face. But there are those who dislike even the smallest drop in their beauty standards. Even a small flat mole is a source of great distress for such people. Cosmetic surgery is one of the options but only a few can afford its high cost.

The thing to keep in mind before you remove a flat mole by yourself at home is PLEASE ENSURE  that it’s a normal mole so you can use creams or home remedies to remove it but if it’s dangerous moles (skin cancer) so you need to see a dermatologist. 

You can check your type of moles here 

By the way, there are two other options that are much easier to consider without putting a huge dent on your income.

  1. Mole removal cream.
  2. Mole removal home remedies.

An easier option under most circumstances is commercially available cosmetic creams. However, if you are a nature lover you can opt for home remedies as well.

Option 1. Remove a flat mole with mole removal creams.

Over the last few decades, science has made great progress. For this reason, now we have many options of mole removal creams easily available in the market. These mole removal creams are tested under controlled environment and are a good alternative to the expensive cosmetic surgery.

8 Best flat moles removal cream that works incredibly well.

Here is a list of the best—tried and tested – mole removal creams in the market. If you are a fan of online shopping, you can also order these from various websites online.

  1. HaloDerm Advanced Mole and Skin Tag Remover

    HaloDerm Advanced Mole and Skin Tag Remover

This is one of the top-selling mole removal cream. It has a homeopathic formula which is as safe as it can get. This cream targets the benign moles as well as skin tags and gently removes them. All you have to do is apply the cream to the area and see effective results within 24 hours.

  1. HaloDerm Removes 3 Moles or Skin Tags

If you are looking for an easy way to remove the moles then HaloDerm 3 is another great option. It is safe and uses natural formula  It also successfully removes the moles right from the comfort of your home and painlessly. It’s a low-cost effective way of removing the moles and skin tags within a week. If you are not happy with this cream, you can always ask for a refund since they give 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

  1. SkinPro EXTREME Skin Tag Remover & Mole Corrector

If you are looking for a permanent way to remove those unwanted moles and/or skin tags then this cream is a good option to consider. This remover has the highest concentration of the Salicylic Acid in the market.

It can be applied to all types of moles, warts as well as skin tags without causing any harm, also designed to work quickly and effectively on the problem area by removing the outer skin layer and directly addressing the problem to its roots. It is a potent medical grade strength product and is known for its effectiveness.

  1. King Bio Mole Remover Natural Medicine, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

This all natural, effective homeopathic mole remover by Dr. King helps you in removing blemishes, moles as well as freckles. All you have to do is apply it three times a day to get the best results. This all-natural ingredient fluid is well suited for all skin types and known to produce the desired results. You can even apply it to sensitive areas if you wish.

  1. Dermabellix, All-Natural Skin Tag and Mole Remover

Another all natural and effective mole removing cream that has made the top list belongs to Dermabellix. This remover is made from steam distilled from natural trees and the best part is that it only smells of fresh pine needles. Its effective on all skin types without any scaring, freezing or burning.

  1. Skin Tag And Mole Cream By Pureauty Naturals: Advanced Formula With Natural 

If you are looking for flawless healthy skin then this product by Pureaty Naturals is the answer to your prayers. Its advanced formula consist of handpicked natural ingredients which softens as well as smoothens the skin. It is suitable for all skin types keeping them as soft as baby skin.

7.       Pristine Herbal – All Natural Mole and Skin Tag Remover

Award Winning product !! Wart & Mole Vanish is another incredibly popular mole removal cream that’s been praised by many satisfied customers. This renowned cream has an incredible track record, and it’s a great cheap solution for removing moles at home. The product is easy to use, and it’s extremely effective, get FAST Results and only 20 Minute Application.

8.  Bio-T Topical Ointment

Another cream to make the top list is the Bio-T topical ointment. It uses your body’s immune system to remove the moles instead of burning or freezing it. The ointment is a combination of several therapeutic herbs and mineral salts. It also offers a 60 days money back guarantee. It is specially formulated to rehydrate and heal the skin tissues.

Option 2. Remove a flat mole with home remedies.

Although there are mole removal cream available in the market but the truth of the matter is that these commercially produced products have to go through a long preservation process. This process enables them to stay over the shelf for a longer period of time. Although these products are safe, yet there is no way they can compete with the home remedies for mole removal.

Some might find the home remedies to be slower than the creams yet there is no doubt about their effectiveness. The best part about the home remedies is that you can prepare them according to your skin type without any worries.

Here are some options that you might want to consider:

     1. Mix baking soda and castor oil into a paste and apply it on the mole overnight. Make sure that you cover the paste with a band-aid so that it does not fall off during the night.

If you are not comfortable with leaving the paste on overnight then at least apply it for few hours until it dries off naturally. Rinse the paste with water afterward. You can repeat the process until you start seeing the mole fading away.

     2. Natural apple cider vinegar is a good option to consider if you are looking for natural remedies. First, wash your mole and pat dry it. Now using a cotton swab apply the apple cider vinegar to the mole. After the vinegar dries wash the area with water again. You will notice that the mole will get darker, turn into a scab and fall of naturally. If you don’t want to get a scar then don’t touch or scratch the scab.

     3. Garlic paste can also prove to be a good option due to the enzymes found in it. Take few cloves of garlic and crush them until they form a paste. Apply this paste to the mole and leave it on for a few hours. You will notice that the mole falls off within a week.

     4. Honey and flaxseed oil are a powerhouse in itself but combined together they are atom bombs for moles. Take a few drops of the oil and mix it with honey. Apply the mixture to the mole and leave it alone for an hour. After the hour is up, you can wash it off. This mixture is known to generate results in a week.

     5. Onion juice. The acidic power of onion juice will not only get rid of the mole but also even out the skin tone. All you have to do is take the paste of an onion, squeeze its juice out and apply it to your skin for half an hour. Although a little slower as compared to its counterparts, still as much effective.


What is your type of skin Moles?

Types of moles:

When talking about moles, people usually think of it as a small black spot on the skin but in truth there are many types of moles. Based on their types, a mole can be cancerous therefore it is important to know about all the types of moles and be safe.

     Common mole: If you are on a lookout for a mole, you are most likely to come across a common mole, but how can you be sure that the mole you have encountered falls under this category. The most distinctive features of these moles are that they are 5-6mm large with smooth edges.

These moles can be flat or bulging and usually found on skin that is frequently exposed to the sun like face, back, hands etc. A common mole seldom turns cancerous.

     Atypical mole:  Atypical mole or dysplastic nevi show several irregularities from a common mole.  Atypical mole can be flat or raised like a common mole but usually have an irregular shape. They also have blurred border, larger size and varying color. Most of these symptoms are similar to a cancerous or precancerous mole. Although, atypical mole is benign in nature yet due to its similarities with cancerous mole it is important to self-examine these moles regularly.

     Congenital mole: These moles are also referred as birth marks due to the fact these are usually present at the time of birth or appear by the time the baby is almost a year old. The melanocyte cells between the outer and middle layer of skin is the cause of such moles.

They can vary in size and possess very less chance of turning into melanoma. However, these should be monitored regularly between adolescence and adulthood.

     Acquired mole: Acquired moles appear between childhood and adulthood. They are benign in nature but have a slightly higher chance of turning cancerous with age due to exposure to the sun.

     Junctional Melanocytic Nevi: These moles occur when the skin cells group together between the outer and middle skin layer. In most cases these cells are slightly raised however they have regular borders and can be in varying degree of colors between tan and dark brown.

     Intradermal Nevi: These moles have almost the same color as the skin so much so that they can easily blend with its surrounding area. These moles are not cancerous and can lie in either the dermis or epidermis layer of the skin.

Compound Nevi: 
These moles are almost similar to intradermal and junctional nevi moles. But this is where its similarity to other categories ends. They are located in the dermis and dermo-epidermis junction and are raised from the center. The edges of these moles are usually flat with properly defined borders and pigmentation.

    Halo Nevi: Last but not least is the Halo Nevi. These distinctive moles are usually raised but the skin around this mole is discolored due to lost pigmentation. It is not clear why such discoloration occurred but these are not cancerous or require any treatment other than cosmetic.

     Please share with us, which above method will you consider removing a flat mole?