Top 3 essential oils to eliminate scar after mole removal

How to get rid of pink or red scar after mole removal using essential oil

Top 3 Essentials Oils For Scar after Mole removal. 

Mole is a dark spot that can leave pink and reddish scars on the skin. The scars are bothersome, especially if it is in the face. Some of the scars need special attention, but other scars naturally fade. The color varies from black, light brown or dark brown.

Mole is a barometer that reflects the change in your body. In some cases, the mole is a sign of cancer. The scars are like permanent marks that are hard to remove. However, using essential oils as a home remedy, and you can have the scar-free skin.

Coconut Oil for Mole Scar
Extra virgin Coconut oil to remove scar after mole removal.

The oil extracted from coconut without heating known as virgin coconut oil. The white coconut milk is the primary source. You need the dry coconut or fresh coconut meat to make the virgin coconut oil.

Virgin coconut oil will produce new blood cells in the skin. So, you will get the fresh scar free face after applying it over the skin.

Regularly use Virgin coconut oil over the scars, it will dry slowly and makes that you have a scar-free face. The anti fungal properties will heal your scars faster. The virgin coconut oil treatment will protect you from pimples, blackhead, and white head scars. Also, apply virgin coconut oil to the skin for better results. It will heal and prevent you from acne scarring. 

Chemicals compounds and its functions

The LCFA (long chain fatty acids) composition in the virgin coconut oil makes it viscous. The viscosity of the oil makes the skin absorbs it slower through the skin. The virgin coconut oil contains ten antimicrobial fatty acids that will protect your skin from harmful germs.

Virgin coconut oil is also known as "skin savior" because it helps to grow new cells in the skin. This oil improves the longevity, mental agility, and act as pregnancy aid and so on. The Virgin coconut oil is used for neonatal health. It is a good moisturizer.

Practical Steps


  • Use warm water or soft soap to clean scars.
  • Use the soft towel to dry the skin.
  • Do massage (least 7 minutes) after applying it.
  • Repeat one or two times daily to eliminate scars.
  • Rinse the Face with Luke warm water
Rosehip oil to treat scar after mole removal.
Extra virgin Coconut oil to remove scar after mole removal.

Rosehip oil is natural essential oil and used for various purposes. It is good at treating aging, scars and much more.

The hip oil produced by extract oil from rose petals and seed pods. It has no side effect on the skin. The high vitamins and essential fatty acids are used to treat various problems that include treating scars.

Chemicals compounds and its benefits.

Vitamin A in the rosehip oil is a potential wrinkle reducer. The scars can be treated using Retinol compound. Also, rosehip contains minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and linoleic acid.

No doubt skin elasticity can improve by regular use of rose hip. This elasticity helps you to heal the variety of scars. This covers acne scare, mole scars, genetic scars and much more. The scars are nothing but decolorization of skin cells.

Rosehip helps you to gain these pigments and makes the skin color natural. The long-term usage of rosehip provides better results with your skin and removing scars.

Many studies found that rose hip is useful in producing cell pigmentation in the skin.

Practical Steps


  • Clean your face (use water or soap)
  • Apply rosehip over scars.
  • Massage the affected area (using fingers) and Clean your face again.
  • Repeat one or two times daily to eliminate scars.

There are many falsehoods are going around about using rosehip oil to removing scars. Some people tell that you need special equipment, or you have to mix it with other ingredients. But, the process is easier.

If you stick with this process for long-term, you will find the cure for scars. It also helps you to prevent further skin scars.

Lavender Oil to eliminate scar after mole removal
Extra virgin Coconut oil to remove scar after mole removal.

Lavender oil is good at treating skin disorders. The disorders include diseases such as wrinkles, scars, acne, and inflammation.

The scars in the skin makes you feel worried and dirty. The scars are uncomfortable and embarrassing for many people. This will improve the skin pigmentation and improves the damaging scar tissues.



Chemicals compounds and its benefits.

Lavender oil contain calcium which is crucial for many body parts. Besides, vitamin A is beneficial for the skins. The primary goal of lavender oil to eliminate scars from your skin. Lavender oil infuses with bacteria and kills it.


Practical Steps


  • Use warm water or soft soap to clean scars and skin.
  • Dry the skin with cotton ball
  • Do massage (least 7 minutes) after applying it.
  • Repeat one or two times daily to eliminate scars.
  • Use it regularly for the better results.

You can mix lavender oil with other ingridents to get other benefits from it.

The broad range application of lavender oil makes it one of the best medicine for humans' scars.

Conclusion :

Many people are experiencing stress when they go with scars in the face. The essential oils are the best bet if you want to remove scars in the skin.

You can trace back usage of essential oil centuries ago. It is one of an ancient practice that is continuing across various parts of the globe.

Moreover, these oils don't have side effects.

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